Mud Vein

I want you as a monochrome,
Meddling in my colorful horizon.
Casting out black, gray and confusion
I can’t help my heart but mourn–
Your darkness, desolation and doldrums
Rouses me from too much imagination.
Your eyes’ profound–
I’m drowning in your pitch-black.
The mud vein is my mishaps
The mud vein is my deliverance.

Mud vein, you are a blank canvas
Plain white and stash in the back.
You are melodies, beats, warbles and chants
You make me write, sing and dance

Mud vein, you are my envisioned Queen
My rune, poem, and moon
Up above the horizon, this is us
Tangled in the cocoon of a blanket
Keeping each other warm and alive
Your arms around me
Making this reality a fantasy
I may be losing all of my sanity
But that doesn’t matter
Because we are here
You and me

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