Bad Alibis;

Inspired from The Dark Descent Of Elizabeth Frankenstein by Kiersten White…

Here in your bedroom, I feel secured
Your arms around me making me feel like the most precious creature ever existed
I let myself be yours forever not knowing who I truly was in the first place
I let myself turn away whenever you murder somebody close to me
Making multiple excuses for your madness and cruelty
I let myself be blinded by the idea of you being my savior and protector
You made me your possession, to be your very own
I considered myself lucky for that is what I wanted in the beginning
Not seeing the dark, sharp teeth you were hiding underneath your crooked, boyish grins
You go all the way to the ends of the Earth to find the best gift for me in our wedding
But all I find are corpses, knifed to the heart by your own delicate hands that used to comfort me during storms and lightnings
Now I have to freed myself from your grasp
I am done being the one who always snuggle at your side
Dependent to your existence, oblivious to my capabilities and confidence
Then one night you screamed and it sounded like howling that had pierced my ears
I had to run at your side as fast as I can
For that little girl is still inside of me that always thinks you needed my presence
I step in the dark hallway,
Awaiting for the monster that causes your misery
Then your silhouette illuminated and seizes me
Taking me with you to the deepest part of this tangled reality

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