The Whisperers In The Night

They will come at night, always in the darkest of the day will they crawl inside your body and you can do nothing about them nor stop them from doing filthy things. They’ll scratch until your skin glisten and achy. They will tear your brain and snap every artery on your so-called body. These Whisperers in the night are the reasons behind every doubt and distrust. The culprit of your devastated thinking. They will stop at nothing til nothing remains. But hear this Whisperers and you will know the truth behind their blabbing. The sea of emotions they were hiding, the infinity of abysses they try to invade just for the sake of safe keeping. But, hear me darling, this Whisperers in the night will not be going anywhere unless you act and desist from thinking too much and understanding yourself is a must. This Whisperers in the night will someday be your guide for you to beat the odds out of this life.

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